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Komar University’s Student Club Organizes Horse-riding Excursion

On Friday, November 24th, Komar University of Science and Technology’s student club organized a horse-riding excursion for approximately 15 students from various departments. The destination was the picturesque Tanjaro area, providing a serene natural setting for students to unwind and …

Komar University Celebrates Sulaimani’s Rich History with Music, Photography, Painting Exhibition, Conversations, and Poetry

On November 14, 2023, students, staff and faculty members at Komar University of Science and Technology came together to celebrate the rich cultural and historical heritage of the city. The event started with an opening speech by professor Dr. Kawis …

Komar University Soccer Tournament Ends with Hawreyani Komar Claiming Championship

In a display of skill and sportsmanship, Komar University’s much-anticipated soccer tournament came to a thrilling conclusion on November 7, 2023. The tournament, which kicked off on August 10, showcased the strength of 22 teams, each making efforts for the …

KUST Unveiled Academic Heroes Memorial: A Tribute to our Departed Students and Faculty”

On October 17, 2023, faculty members and students at Komar University of Science and Technology came together to honor the memory of departed students and faculty members who have left an indelible mark on the institution. The event brought students, …

Komar University’s team leaves soccer tournament

Last month a soccer tournament was held in Sulaimani among the universities which was hosted by Sulaimani University. In the tournament, 11 universities participated from inside and outside the city of Sulamani. Komar university has left the tournament after playing …

Komar University’s team comes third in basketball tournament

In February 2023, Komar University’s basketball team participated in Kurdistan universities’ basketball tournament hosted by Sulaimani University. After playing against several universities, Komar University was able to secure a third place in the tournament. Komar’s team played against Salahaddin and …